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 Clairemont High School

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Clairemont High School

The Clairemont High School in Caerphilly, Wales, was once just a normal high school. Over one hundred years old, the school has a long tradition of discipline and solidarity. The boarding school for which CHS became famous in the first place was introduced and opened in the 1930's when people were looking for places to put their children as war was nearing. This is how a legend began - the legend of the biggest boarding school for sports in the whole United Kingdom.
There had always been sports teams at CHS, just like at every other high school. But only in 1956, when the first headmaster with the surname Williams, one James Williams, father to the current headmaster, took over the school, the focus changed on the sports education. Suddenly, CHS got bigger teams, everyone attended some kind of team. A first dance class was introduced.
From then on, it was easy for the school to build its international big name. Suddenly all the people who were really awesomely good in sports came, and not only from the UK, but from all over the world. It didn't take long for Clairemont High to become the biggest education centre for football (European football of course), Basketball, Swimming, and even Ballet and Freestyle Dance. If one thought they were good enough to become a big one, they came to CHS.

And this is how it is today. The CHS is the elite school for all kinds of sports. You can only attend the school with a scholarship, if the talentscouts think you're good enough. The school life itself is pretty normal though. Every student has their main subject, there are normal classes, normal extra-curricular activities. The boarding school contains three years and takes in students from 16 to 19. A big issue in the school is the 'together' part: they make sure the students understand that it's not about fighting against each other, but fighting with each other.

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Clairemont High School
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